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Whether it is for the construction of a house, a chalet or a refuge, rediscover the aesthetics and elegance of the ancestral know-how of our experts. The clean, perfectly round finish provides a rustic, durable, but also energy-efficient finish.

Bois Rond Abénakis Limitée offers self-builders and general contractors manufactured round wood products and complete and flexible plans for the construction of your project.

The advantages


Live in nature without compromising on energy efficiency. our round timber not only allows a quality finish, but also the perfect interlocking of the logs. Thanks to this modern manufacturing process, we ensure waterproofing and avoid the use of chemical insulation for your exterior walls. Adopt the country without compromising on quality and the environment.


Our renewable raw material is timeless. It is carefully selected directly in the forest, in an eco-responsible way to ensure a product of the highest quality. We transform and shape wood according to the unique characteristics of your project. Be in harmony with nature, just like our ancestors were.

Our plans

Your project is unique. Whether you want to start your project from a blank page or based on an existing plan, Bois Rond Abénakis Limitée is committed to listening to you and adapting your project according to your needs. Your plans will be tailored to your needs by our team of designers and architects. Browse our wide range of plans, from rustic to modern and get a feel for what you want.